13 Mar

Figaro opens to rave reviews!

Figaro opens to rave reviews!


Figaro is getting rave reviews, as is Angela!

“…a wily and saucy Angela Sauer…”

“This production is sure to be remembered as one of the funniest of 2015. Don’t miss it!”

– Rob Stevens, Haineshisway.com

“The acting is exquisite across the board – what a tremendous comedic ensemble!”

“…Sauer’s playful and powerful Suzanne…”

“The farce and wit of the story and rendering is enough reason to see the show. The acting and intelligent direction push the play to the realm of delight. And the design and playful opulence are the theatrical cherry on top.”

– Vanessa Cate, Stage Raw

“Plenty of sexual innuendo, brilliant physical comedy (especially the kiss-go-round with the gals and Cherubin) and exceptionally funny vocal gymnastics such as the “in the garden” sequence make this a dazzling show.”

“Director Michael Michetti has assembled a superbly talented cast to tell the tale of servant, Figaro (delightful Jeremy Guskin), who must outwit his master, Count Almaviva (Andrew Ross Wynn in a winning lascivious performance), so he can marry his fiancé Suzanne (gamin Angela Sauer) who serves Countess Almaviva (vivacious Elsye Mirto).”

– Candyce Columbus, Examiner

“Angela Sauer’s Suzanne provides a most suitable foil to this Figaro – strong, sardonic, and wise.”

“‘Figaro’ seems destined to be a solid hit. It’s just that funny.”

– Frances Baum Nicholson, Whittier Daily News


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